The mission of the Coastal Growers Association is to educate the community and policymakers on all the different benefits of Cannabis. We feel there are three major topics regarding Cannabis education which are the most important to learn about first. Please choose from the following below for more information on that specific topic:

Medical Cannabis Benefits

Judicial Cannabis Benefits

Economic Benefits of Cannabis

There are many medicinal qualities that can be found with Cannabis. If you would like to learn more about statistics, studies and testimonials regarding medical Cannabis, please click here.

Most of us can agree that our prisons are completely overcrowded today. The main reason for this is directly because of the War on Drugs which is mostly a War on Marijuana, considering most drug related arrests are because of Cannabis. Learn more by clicking here.

Twenty-three states currently have laws legalizing marijuana in some form. We can now learn from their actions and see the economic statistics which prove the many benefits to our communities.